Wet and swollen, or what will happen to a Yisuya wooden wristwatch if you pour it with boiling water.

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And so, we meet, an overview of wooden watches from the company Yisuya. I’ll say in secret that when I ordered them, I thought that this watch would be from a brand from Bobo Bird, but already in the course of preparing the publication I realized that I was mistaken.

What do we really know about wooden watches?

  1. In their production, inserts or whole pieces of trees such as red or sandalwood are used.
  2. For the most part, ancient wristwatches operate on the basis of such quartz movements as the Japanese MIYOTA.
  3. Prominent manufacturers of wooden watches are companies such as Tense Wood Watches, Wewood and BeWell. What Wewood Company was especially remembered for is the fact that they use the remaining materials from furniture production to produce watches.
  4. The peak of popularity of watches made of wood came in 2016 – 2017.
  5. Everything, absolutely everyone declares that a wooden watch should be protected from moisture. But none of them tells us about what would happen otherwise.

And so, what myths are we going to debunk today:

  • Is it possible to pick up a splinter from a wooden clock? Apparently this is what vampires are most afraid of.
  • What will happen to wooden wristwatches if they are wet or moisture gets on them?

In order to test the first item, we will use this special glove. If there are roughnesses on the surface of the watch, then the glove will catch on to them.

Well, let’s get started!


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And here it is, today we will again make a small note of diversity and choose a hero for our next review:

  • Option number one, an overview of one of the cheapest watches in the vastness of AliExpress.
  • Candidate number two, see how military the AMST watch can be considered.
  • Option number three, I will tell you about this type of watch, like binary.
  • Clock number four, we will freeze the homebrew from Paulareis.
  • Option number five, remember how the fascination with mechanical watches began and talk about the Binssaw brand.

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Wet and swollen, or what will happen to a Yisuya wooden wristwatch if you pour it with boiling water.
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